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One-on-One Portfolio

Here at Avida Capital, we are dedicated to provide personalized financial consulting for all types of investors and traders. Our clients have direct access to our professional team to consult one on one on your porfolio options. Join today!

Follow the Money Flow with ETFs

If you are looking for powerful overall sector trades through ETFs, look no further! Avida Capital Group tailors to every traders needs. No only do we trade equity, options and futures, we trade powerful ETFs for solid gains from many aspects of the market! Our live trading team research and devlop multiple trading ideas and top/bottom reversals for consistent profits. Never trade alone again! Let's get started!

Trade Futures Daily

Avida Capital Group trade more than US markets. In fact, we trade 16-20hours in multiple markets a day! This means you have the exclusive chance to trade almost any hour of the day! We are always around with up to date trades in our exclusive chat room with only a one second delay! There is no other room like this!    Join today!


Become a Consistent Trader

Avida Capital Group is located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Chicago. We built a trading community for retailer to not only learn how to trade, but with consistency. Our goal is to create a strong community where traders cut through the noise in the market and trade with setups instead of “flashy” equities. There is a lot of risk in the markets and without a powerful guide to keep it in check, could turn out to be more risk than what you were looking for.


Avida Capital Group uses multiple trading strategies that help transition through daily trading environments all while being protected by our popular algo-trend (T125). Only here is where you will find real time alerts that you can actually manage risk and profit from.

Expect more than just plays; transparency. All our plays come with detailed explanations and entry points. You see what we see and are apart of what has made us successful over the past decade! Join our community today and see what it is like to actually be a part of a trading haven!

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Questions? Call 760-828-3888 or Contact Us here! 

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Avida's Popular Option Cheat Sheets

Love trading options but feel you could be gaining more from every trade? Look no further. We have built the most versatile trading cheat sheets that direct you when a good price for every equity is the right time to buy calls or puts. We give clear directions without any added texts! 


Live Webinar

Live Webinar

Take advantage of our educational client live webinar. We teach both fundamental and technical analysis to help you maximize profit and minimize loss. All webinars are recorded and archived. Join today!



Exclusive Equities & Options

Equities & Options

Our exclusive portfolio of equities and options include firms enlisted only in the three trusted major indices: Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.

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Client Testimonials

"Here are some great reasons to become part of Avida: 76% return on AAPL calls, 55% return on VHC calls, and 100% return on NFLX puts, all this week. This is an awesome group of people." - Taimur

"Monday +170, Tuesday +340, and today +550. All profits from the chatroom." - Courtney

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  Avida's Financial Services

Our personal financial consulting service offers financial planning far beyond portfolio management. Tailored to each need, we assess future goals and risk profile of individual clients for sustainable and profitable financial planning. This individuality is fully imbedded in our client service and makes Avida Capital Group the unique solution to retail investors.

The top priority at Avida Capital Group is providing consistent asset growth for all clients.

We welcome you to join us today.

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The Avida Promise

Why is the Avida Capital a great resource for trading? We do not teach you dependency, we teach you how to make a career or side job from the market. We shuffle through the garbage in the market and focus mainly on stocks that will produce income for a community rather than small caps that will only provide profits for a small % of traders. Learn how to consistently make profit from the market instead of fishing for stocks that are either hit or miss. Learn how to hedge, invest, day trade and build watchlists! 

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   Our Address:
111 W Jackson Blvd
Floor 1700
Chicago, IL, USA 60604
  Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 5am to 10pm
Weekends 10am to 5pm

Our Philosophy

We accept no compensation or promotional fees from any public company. Our portfolio list and returns tracking provide the utmost clarity for potential clients. The client exclusive research comes from our dedicated team at Avida, to provide confident research based on years of experience.

Investment Specialization

Avida specializes in political industries and developmental pharmaceuticals investments along with our network of diversified portfolio. Our exclusive portfolio management includes equities and options of firms enlisted only in the three trusted major indices: Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.