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Avida Capital Group now has seats available in our three story trading facility in Chicago. If you are looking for a unique environment staffed with full-time traders or a training course to help meet your financial goals, check out what our trading facility has to offer. Not only are we a physical trading group, we also provide daily watchlist services for traders who are looking for a powerful edge.


Our trading group is open from 6am-11pm EST. We are here if you have any questions.

Give us a call 760-828-3888 or Contact Us here! 

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Avida on Justin.tv

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Avida Capital Group does exactly what many people do not, trade live. From every trade entry, equity debate, political mishap or future market projection, every client or spectator is there listening in with a pen and paper. Our opinions and ideas have been successful for traders looking for sectors to digest. We are a strong, trading resource important for every trader's needs. Click here to gain access to the room!

We are very excited and very proud to bring to you one of the best resources for any retail investor. Avida Capital Group is a community based on day/swing traders, long term investors, and option traders. When becoming a part of this community, you will immediately see capital increasing with traders and their learning experiences heightened. 

Our mission is to create a community of traders who will adapt and profit from any market thrown at them. They throw out the excuses of bulls vs. bears/longs vs. shorts and become all and any. Only then traders understand their full potential and increase their capital with the confidence and knowledge they deserve. Become a client today and don't miss out on a team built to make a community last.


Client Testimonials

"Two years ago I was at a crossroads picking to go back to work as a laborer or follow my dream and  trade the markets. Only thing was, I was a bad trader and I was down on my luck. Then, I happened to come across you guys. Your explanations, courses and amazing trades on NUGT has brought my account over consistent gains. Thank you so much for all the patience you have had with me and everything you have done." 

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  Avida's Financial Services

Our personal financial consulting service offers financial planning far beyond portfolio management. Tailored to each need, we assess future goals and risk profile of individual clients for sustainable and profitable financial planning. This individuality is fully imbedded in our client service and makes Avida Capital Group the unique solution to retail investors.

The top priority at Avida Capital Group is providing consistent asset growth for all clients.

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The Avida Promise

Why is the Avida Capital a great resource for trading? We do not teach you dependency, we teach you how to make a career or side job from the market. We shuffle through the garbage in the market and focus mainly on stocks that will produce income for a community rather than small caps that will only provide profits for a small % of traders. Learn how to consistently make profit from the market instead of fishing for stocks that are either hit or miss. Learn how to hedge, invest, day trade and build watchlists! 

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   Our Address:
2701 W Fulton 
Suite 7S
Chicago, IL, USA 60612
  Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 5am to 11pm
Sunday 5pm-11pm

Our Philosophy

We accept no compensation or promotional fees from any public company. Our portfolio list and returns tracking provide the utmost clarity for potential clients. The client exclusive research comes from our dedicated team at Avida, to provide confident research based on years of experience.

Investment Specialization

Avida specializes in political industries and developmental pharmaceuticals investments along with our network of diversified portfolio. Our exclusive portfolio management includes equities and options of firms enlisted only in the three trusted major indices: Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.